Get A Rejuvenated, More Youthful Looking Face

Over time, gravity, sun damage, and aging can cause skin to loose elasticity. Sagging skin on the face can cause jowling along the jawline, making you appear older and tired. Dr. Rifai’s mini facelift is a minimally invasive procedure that can tighten sagging skin and give you a younger and more rejuvenated look.

Mini Facelift- Overview

During your facelift, Dr. Rifai will make small incisions along the hairline that extend along the natural line in front of the ear and behind the earlobe. This allows Dr. Rifai to tighten and reposition any loose skin.  Incisions are then closed using sutures.

The results you can expect to achieve from a mini-facelift differ from a traditional facelift. We can discuss the differences between a facelift and a mini-facelift during your consultation.

Mini Facelift- Recovery

Recovery from a mini facelift is faster than a traditional facelift and you should be able to return to normal activities within a few days. Any discomfort or side effects should resolve quickly and can be managed with pain medication and cold compresses. Any sutures used in the procedure will be removed at your 10-day post-op appointment.

Dr. Rifai has expertise in many facial cosmetic procedures and can discuss how a mini facelift can refresh your look during your consultation.